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Black Salve -- digital edition

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Black Salve

In Black Salve, Caton, a master herbalist who lives near the Amazon forest, provides a knowledgeable study showing how escharotics have been used for centuries -- usually quite privately -- to cure cancer and other diseases.  But, thankfully, these miraculous natural remedies have survived all while having to confront the wrath of organized medicine and the official establishment.  

In the author's two previous books, The Joys of Psychopathocracy and Living on the Precipice, Caton clearly lays on the arguments that under our current Global Operating System, modern medicine will never allow the development of meaningful cures for degenerative diseases. Its business model will not permit it. It will always create more disease than it can ever alleviate. 

Boldly defiant in such a highly repressive climate, Black Salve is a priceless literary work which shows the formulas and methods used to cure thousands of people of various cancers, presented in a simple, straight-forward manner. Also, there is valuable additional information provided to help avoid the scourge of carcinogenic threats that commonly cause cancer in the first place.

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