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The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca -- digital-edition

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The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca

Herbalist Greg Caton relates his experiences using the entheogenic, ayahuasca. The inner meaning of the "2012 phenomenon" is imparted in a series of vision quests taken from November, 2011 to May, 2012. This final edition contains a new Forward from the author, written in February, 2013, that discusses his "post 2012" view of the meaning behind the revelations.

The book, published in the summer of 2012, was inspired by a series of exploratory ayahuasca journeys I took from the fall of 2011 to May of the following year. As an herbalist, I work with a variety of different categories of botanical materials, not the least of which are "entheogenics," which are very much a part of life among the indigeous in the Amazon.
Given time, practice, inclination, and avocation, ayahuasca can be used to obtain known about information in the present . . . and the future.

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